Piccola 60

General features

This versatile model is the ideal complement in the selection of cuts for small industries, blacksmiths, metal and artisanal carpentry, which require precise cuts, straight, up to 60° in profiles or masses, thanks to its rotating head. Its sturdy construction makes it an agile and easy-to-use cutting tool.

Construction details:

  • Gray cast-iron head
  • Perlithic and tempered cast iron steering wheel for induction
  • Head articulation with table with tapered bearings.
  • Front steering wheel on tapered rollers.
  • Blade tensioner of sturdy construction, with conical collars.
  • Transmission of power through gearmotor in oil bath, of Italian origin.
  • Blade guide through bearings.
  • Rotating head up to 60°
  • Sturdy base of folded sheets, with shelf for accessories and devices

Technical details:

Cutting capacity:

- STraight: 160mm
- 35º: 140mm.
- 45º: 100mm.
- 60º: 60mm.


  • Sensitivity Modifications: Machine operation through a lowering handle with a push button for motor control and manual pressure on the cut. The head returns by means of a spring.
  • Hydraulic Modifications: Descent with hydraulic control, adjustable and with lock.
    • Triple-phase motor for 2 speeds from 0,7 HP to 1.400 y 700 RPM ( 63-32 m/min)
    • Triple-phase motor for 2 speeds from 0,7 HP to 1.400 y 700 RPM ( 84-42 m/min)
    • Single-phase motor ¾ Hp 1.400 RPM for a speed of 63m/min.
    • Single-phase motor ¾ HP 1.400 RPM for a speed of 84m/min.
    • Triple-phase motor 1 Hp 1.400 rpm with a variety of speeds from 0 to 100 m/min for single-phase network
  • Electric Pump Power: 0.2 HP.
  • Band Dimensions: 2.170 x 19 x 0.9 mm.

Option accessories: Foot with roller for material support.

  • Length: 620 mm
  • Height: 1164 mm
  • Width: 760 mm
  • Weight: 250 Kg