Cutting Central

General Features

To make cuts of different lengths and quantities in the same bar, fully automatically. Equipped with an advanced drag system controlled by a PLC, taking advantage of the bar to the last centimeter, without leaving pieces of waste. This is a precise machine, trustworthy and ideal for factories that need to perform high production volumes independently.

Technical Data

  • Cutting capacity: 200 mm
  • Tape dimensions: 3650 x 26 x 0,9 mm.
  • Cutting speed: Controlled by a motor drive regulated from 12 m / min to 80 m / min (being able to expand the speed range if necessary)
  • Feeder car: Hydraulically operated by vane pump and Italian electrovalves, with adjustable speed and reduced at the ends for precise adjustment to the measure
  • Cutting length: It is controlled by a digital ruler where each stroke has a maximum length of 500 mm, allowing an indefinite number of strokes.
  • Maximum length: Undefined. The car will make the necessary number of strokes until it reaches the programmed length.
  • Vise system: Pneumatically operated and equipped with a cylinder in each clamp that allows self-centering according to the material, even if it is slightly crooked.
  • General commands: Equipped with PLC, display, pnuematic electrovalves and protective unit (FRL), FESTO brand.
  • Optional accessories: Horizontal and vertical roller bed, 4m to 5m in length

Dimensions and weight:

  • Length:2840 mm
  • Width: 2050 mm
  • Height: 1150 mm
  • Weight: 750 Kg