Bar Heaters

General Features

These machines have been specially designed for heating, by means of electrical currents, through steel or bronze bars, for back printing. In regards to the speed of heating, the decarburization of material is minimal. It does not produce fumes and emites very little radiation, making work environments comfortable and safe for all operators The CB models have been endowed with all the necessary elements to fulfill jobs with the control of heating times, leaving each piece free once it has reached its preset temperature and the machine ready for a new operation, thus reducing secondary and unproductive times.

Technical Specifications


Designed with the most advanced technic, which has achieved the highest output. Refrigeration: for running water and forced ventilation. Heating capacity: 2 to 3 Kg/Kwh. Energy consumption: 0.35 to 0.50 Kwh for each Kg of heating material.


The machine is pneumatically operated, for which it is endowed with: a unit of FRL protection, and an electrovalve for cylinder control, which is equipped with speed-regulating valves. Maximum supply pressure: 6 Kg/cm2

Technical Data

MODELCB 25CB 25 ACB 40CB 70CB 100CB 200
Transformer Power Kva25254070100200
Heating Bar Ø mm5 a 195 a 198 a 2810 a 3512 a 4514 a 55
Heating Bar mm4 a 174 a 177 a 259 a 3211 a 4012 a 50
Heating Possibilities l mm120120250250250300
Heating Possibilities asin límite
Heating Possibilities b mm250no limit250250250250
Maximum heating capacity Kg/h30 a 4030 a 4050 a 6580 a 110120 a 160220 a 300
Dimensiones límites Width x Height mm950x1450950x14501050x14501050x14501200x15001200x1500
Limit Dimensions Deth mm9009001380138014501450
Transformer regulator8 low positions and 8 high positions



Special designs. Call or inquire for heating in 2 zones of the bar.