Vertical Hydraulic Electroforge Machine


Designd to forge pieces at the end or in middle of a bar, as well as in a cylindric matrix, to produce a better piece finishing. These machines can be built for one end, two end, horizontal or vertical passing bars, according to the bar's lenght. It's powered by a rotary tandem pump, in order to achieve total independence between clamp and push circuits, so each pressure can be controlled individually. All the machines have been provided of controlled speed escape cylinders. This makes possible to produce large volumes of forged pieces without losing the required shape.


Designed with the most advanced technique, it has attained the higher performance. Refrigeration: circulating water and forced ventilation. Heating capacity: 2-3 Kg/KWh. Power consumption: 0,35 - 0,50 KWh / Kg heated material.

Tecnical details

MODEL RGH 40 RGH 70 RGH 100 RGH 200
Transformer power KVA 40 70 100 200
Bar to forge Ømm 10 a 28 12 a 35 13 a 45 14 a 60
Max forging bar lenght, Standard mm 1050 1300 1500 2000
Max forging bar lenght, Passing bar NO LIMIT
Max Heating capacityKg/h 50 a 65 80 a 110 120 a 160 220 a 300
Limit Dimensions Lenght x Height mm 2500 x 1580 2770 x 1580 3200 x 1650 400 x 1650
Depth mm 950 1100 1700 2500
Transformer regulator 8 low positions and 8 high positions